What We Do For Work

Scott works for an international company in the northern Twin Cities suburbs.  He is a welder and fabricator.  He uses his knowledge and creativity to design and build machines.  His employer asks him frequently how the adoption process is going, and have assured him there would not be a problem in time off when another little one joins our family.   Scott believes he currently is working for a company that he could retire from, as they treat their employees well and believe that family comes first.

Debbie followed in her mom's footsteps and became a nurse.  She works at our local hospital, and being it is small and rural she works in all areas including the regular Medical unit, Emergency Room, Labor and Delivery, IV Therapy, and Surgical Recovery.  Part of Debbie's training includes that she is current in CPR, First Aid, and newborn emergency care.

Debbie is fortunate that even though she is a Registered Nurse, she only works Monday thru Friday.  This means she has weekends and holidays off for being with family.  She also has evenings off to be able to attend sports games, band concerts, and other events.

Allison's job is to be a kid!   She takes her job very seriously as she digs for bugs in our yard, helps mom make bright pink unicorn sparkle slime, paints and colors and rides her bike.  She is currently in kindergarten and her favorite part of the day is when she has recess and can play outside with her best friend.