Our Home

When we purchased our home, we wanted it to be spacious and kid friendly.  We like that all the bedrooms are near each other.  If your baby is not sleeping in the bassinette in our room, they will only be a few steps away in their room.  We live in a split level home and all our bedrooms are together on the upper level.  Our main level is the kitchen, dining area, living room and our 3 season porch.  We also have a full basement.  We have a lot of wood flooring and wood furniture in our home-a rustic feel which goes well with our love of the outdoors.

From our back door you walk into a 3 season porch, then onto our deck. We BBQ every chance we can in the summer and then eat outside in the fresh air.  The double swingset shown is a swingset that Scott and his brothers played on in their grandma's yard.  Our yard is a corner double lot on a quiet road.  As you can see there is plenty of room for your child to chase dogs, play tag, blow bubbles,  throw a football, or play frisbee.

During the summer you can hear children all around playing throughout the day!  Across the street are basketball courts in a church parking lot; there are 4 different playgrounds within a mile of our home; the local hospital, where Debbie works, is 3 blocks away; there is a community pool with lifeguards where children gather on the warm days. Your child will never run out of safe outdoor activities!