Our Family

Debbie with Grandma Jan, at Papa Fred and Grandma Karen's yard

Debbie and her mom have always been close, but have become even closer in the last few years.  Debbie's father passed away unexpectedly, and they supported each other through such a great loss. Grandma Jan is Debbie's biggest role model in her wisdom, kindness, selflessness and compassion for others.  She lives about an hour away, and we see her at minimum once per week.  Grandma Jan will be one of your child's main caregivers when we are away from home.  Your child will have unending and unconditional love and support from Grandma Jan, not to mention showers of hugs and kisses!

Our families find reasons to get together at least once per month, not just for holidays and birthdays.  There is always a lot of fun and laughter! Scott has an older brother, and a younger brother who is married.  His younger brother and his wife have 2 sons.  (check out the photo gallery for many more family photos.)  Most of the time we gather at Papa Fred and Grandma Karen's house.  There are fishing get togethers, BBQ's with yard games, canoes and the paddleboat on their small lake, annual Labor Day large family reunion, ice fishing parties, and then add in all the regular gatherings of holidays and birthdays.  

Papa Fred and Grandma Karen have made an open invitation to Grandma Jan, so she always is invited to any of these events.  Allison has been lucky and has always been able to spend holidays with all her grandparents together, and your child will be able to also!

Grandpa Fred is like a year around Santa Claus!  His grandchildren have loved to snuggle up with him for cuddles and reading books-and your child will too.  The 3 cousins state their favorite things about grandpa are tractor rides in the woods, collecting sap and making homemade maple syrup, and Gator rides to look for deer and squirrels.

Scott very fondly remembers his grandma Nellie would make Christmas cookies with all of her grandchildren.  Scott's mom, Grandma Karen, has continued this tradition and she is famous for her date pinwheels-YUM!  Of course there are always sugar cookies with all kinds of cutouts and a huge assortment of sprinkles for the children to decorate.

Just like Grandma Jan, Papa and Grandma Karen are the other main caregivers when we are away from home.