Dusty and Annie

Scott grew up with dogs, cats, horses, cows, and chickens.  Debbie grew up with dogs and horses.  So it goes without saying-there will always be animals around our home!

Meet Dusty and Annie.  They are Treeing Feists, which are very playful and gentle dogs, who love and protect their families.  They are very intelligent and are easy to train.  They are especially protective of children, and we joke that when Allison came home with us she was "their baby".  It is still an ongoing joke.

Dusty-our beautiful proud boy.  He spends most of his day playing outside, roaming around the yard and doing his checks that all is okay, or laying on our top steps and watching traffic go by.  If in the house he is usually cuddling by us on the couch or laying in the sun of the bay window.

Dusty's favorite thing to do is play fetch (which he taught himself) and he will drop his light up bouncy ball at your feet and beg for it to be thrown.

Annie-our sweet and gentle girl.  Annie is the oldest dog we have ever had, as she is now nearly 14.  She is a loyal soul whose eyes will absolutely melt you.  She is very quiet and you'd never know she is around-unless the UPS driver goes by!  She rests a lot, but she still has spontaneous moments where she gets her energy to bounce around and wants to play.  

Annie's favorite thing, without a doubt, is just to be wherever her family is at.