Our Beginning

We each wanted to try something new for finding a lasting relationship. We met on-line.  When Debbie first saw Scott's photo, she got giddy with how cute he was!  Scott first noticed Debbie's  blue eyes and her warm smile.  First we e-mailed daily for 2 months, then spoke on the phone daily for another 2 months.  We were comfortable talking with each other, made each other laugh, and had much in common.....there was definitely a best friendship developing.  So we decided that it was finally time to actually meet in person.

On our first date, we watched a movie and made homemade pizza.  Debbie had gotten ice cream for dessert, not knowing it is Scott's favorite!   We ended up talking all night, literally, not realizing it was morning until neighbors were leaving for work.  This was a confirmation of what we both already knew, we then dated another 2 years before we were married. This photo is from our early years of dating, it is an old one of us, but still one of our favorites as a couple.

We still make it a point to have good communication with each other, to help nurture and continue to grow our friendship and relationship.  We know that we will be able to provide a stable environment for your child and model a healthy relationship.