Meet Scott (by Debbie)

Scott is such a good and patient teacher.  He can explain things to someone, and can word it in ways that will help them understand. 

Allison is always eager to learn, and is always wanting to help.  Scott will bring things to her level and will stop whatever he is doing, even if pressed in a timeframe.  He is an AMAZING DADDY!!

When Scott was a child, a family friend took the time to bring Scott on his first flight. He was hooked from then on!  Now, Scott doesn't miss the opportunity to bring along a child to share his love of aviation.  He has brought our nephews, family friends, neighbors and has participated in giving flights for the EAA Young Eagles program.  Scott believes that good and positive role models, and spending time with kids, is vital for a child's development.

Scott is the first person called when a friend or family member needs a helping hand.   Scott is always willing to go the extra mile for others!  You can be assured that when your child would need Scott, he would drop anything and everything to be there for them!