Meet Debbie (by Scott)

Debbie has always had deep compassion for other people.  Debbie is a nurse, and one day we came across a bad car crash.  She insisted we stop to help the injured, even though we were running late.  She went from person to person making sure they were okay.  When the ambulance arrived, she gave them a report of injuries and what she had done to help. Your child will be raised by someone who always puts others first.

Debbie is a kid magnet!  She will transform into a child herself when playing with kids and they love her! From getting down on the floor to do puzzles or play with Legos, playing on the playground, or running in a sprinkler outside, she will have a fun time!  Caring for and nurturing children is a natural gift for Debbie!  She was MADE TO BE A MOM!

Every year we begin several of our vegetables by seed.

Growing up Debbie was lucky enough to have homemade meals every day.  She thoroughly enjoys preparing and serving healthy and nutritious meals to her family.  She will make several trips weekly to the grocery store or farmers markets to have the freshest fruits and vegetables.  Debbie and Allison cannot wait to have another pair of hands working in the garden with them picking fresh tomatoes, squash and cucumbers!