Meet Allison

Allison Rose-Jadzia came into the world April 1, 2013.  Her birth name was Jadzia Morgan, and in wanting to honor her birth name, we kept Jadzia as part of her middle name.  Her birth mom had asked Debbie to be her birthing coach and to attend pre-natal appointments and birth classes.  Debbie was truly honored and humbled in being asked to share in such a personal time.  During these times, we were also able to share our histories and get to know each other.  Scott also came along for several of the doctors appointments, and was able to see Allison's face clearly in an ultrasound.

Some of Allison's favorite activities are riding her bike, swinging in the backyard, jungle gyms, rock walls, chasing her dogs in the grass, reading, arts and crafts, playing with friends, being with any kind of animal, camping, fishing, and anything that has to do with pink and sparkles!

She is a very inquisitive and gentle little girl.  She started pre-k last year and now is in kindergarten.

Allison is very excited to become a big sister!  When we first started telling her about adopting again she would ask frequently, "when is the baby coming?"  We would explain that we didn't know for sure, but one day they would be here.  She has slowed down in asking, but has not slowed down on the special collection of her favorite toys which she is planning to give to her little brother or sister!