About Us

Fresh fish for dinner in Boundary Waters

We are Adventurous

We are a very adventurous family!  Day, weekend or week long trips....we LOVE to be out and about and doing new things!   Your child will have several adventures growing up, whether they be fishing trips, camping trips, road trips, 4-wheeling trips, or trips to Disneyland.

With our nephews, Ryan and Jason

Unconditional Love and Support

Our families have instilled in us pulling together during the difficult times and celebrating together the good times.  Due to this, our families and close friends have a strong bond and are an excellent support system for each other.  Your child will know and understand unconditional love and support, and they will see examples of sincere commitment in those around them.

Scott with his parents (Fred and Karen) and his brothers (Dave and Mike)

We Highly Value Relationships

We both came from humble childhoods without a lot of material items, due to this we both came to strongly value relationships.   We both agree, that those we love will always come first in life.